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The terminal “12V/24V” and “GND” on the upper side of the CONTROLLINO terminals are for the supply voltage connection. You can supply the CONTROLLINO with 12V or 24V. The range of voltage should be in the range of 10.8V-13.2V and 21.6V-26.4V direct voltage.

IMPORTANT! Please make sure using a stabilized supply voltage!

The maximal supply current I not the same for MINI, MAXI and MEGA:

  • MINI: 8A
  • MAXI: 20A
  • MEGA: 30A

Exceeding the maximum current would lead to a fusing of the internal fuse of the CONTROLLINO.

The right supply voltage will be indicated by 2 LEDs. The LEDs are marked with “12V” and “24V”. Depending on the supply voltage the LEDs will show the state of the CONTROLLINO.

12V LED 24V LED state

green orange 12V supply voltage active

orange green 24V supply voltage active

orange orange supply voltage outside of supported range

INFO: After connecting the supply voltage CONTROLLINO will start immediately executing the loaded program!


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