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  • Please fill out as much details as you can, as this helps our team to find the issue faster and solve your case quicker.
  • If you have multiple devices of the same device group (e.g. Controllino MAXI) with the same issue, you just need to fill out the form once. 
  • If you have multiple devices of different device groups (e.g. Controllino MINI and MEGA), or devices with different issues, you need to fill out the form per device.
  • Don’t just write “My PLC doesn’t work”, please. This doesn’t help anybody and will just prolong the process of fulfilling your RMA request, up to a point where your RMA request could be rejected.
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Please enter the number of devices that are affected by the SAME issue. Example: If the LED for A3 is not working on 3 MAXI Devices, you would enter "3". If you own 3 MAXI Devices and each has a separate issue, you need to fill out the form 3 times!

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