The software open-source PLC.

CONTROLLINO is an industry-grade PLC with open source software.
It can be used for an almost limitless range of controlling & automation projects. 
From hobbyist to industry applications.

What is it?

CONTROLLINO can be described in one sentence:
it’s an industrialized Arduino-compatible board.

It combines the flexibility and open source nature of the Arduino ecosystem with the safety and reliability of industrial grade PLCs.

100% Arduino-compatible

With the simplicity and flexibility of the Arduino ecosystem, you can drastically improve your project time-to-market.
All this without sacrificing reliability and industry-ready performance.

Unlimited I/O

Up to 61 I/O channels and relays, ranging from 5V to 250V at up to 16A. allow you to use CONTROLLINO for an almost limitless range of automation and control applications.

CE & IEC61131 certified

We designed CONTROLLINO with highest industry & electronic safety standards in mind. You can safely and reliably apply our module into a production environment.

Trusted by industry leaders all over the world.

From Startups to Fortune 500s.
Over 1000 companies use CONTROLLINO in both prototyping and production environments.

Packed with features.

Get the most out of your project.

Up to 21 Input Channels from 5V to 24V

CONTROLLINO enables you to use a wide variety of sensors and input devices, with up to 21 input channels from 5V to 24V.

Up to 24 Output Channels from 5V to 24V

Control your assets with maximum flexibility. You can get up to 24 output channels that support up to 24V at 2A.
(12x High Side Switch and 12x Half Bridge)

Up to 16 Relays

Control your assets with up to 16 relays that support up to 250V and 16A.

Multiple Interfaces

Interface the CONTROLLINO over industry-standard interfaces like Serial (UART), RS485, I²C or SPI.


Communicate over USB or through your network over Ethernet.

Real Time Clock

An RTC module is integrated in every CONTROLLINO hardware.

Pick the software of your choice.

You can program CONTROLLINO with Arduino IDE, as well as with many other software solutions like Matlab, Atmel Studio and more. Generally said: If the software is compatible with traditional Arduino boards, you can use it for CONTROLLINO too.

Get the revolution of PLCs.

From small DIY projects to large industrial applications. 
CONTROLLINO offers a safe, flexible and powerful solution for all your controlling and automation needs.

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