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The CONTROLLINO PLC MAXI and MEGA have also an Ethernet connector. It is marked with the sign “ETH”. This connecter can be connected with a RJ-45 connector to a computer network using a 1:1 Network cable. Internally an Ethernet WIZnet Chip W5100 is used to connect to a LAN (Local Area Network). With this feature it get very simple to connect to an existing network or the internet. The Ethernet chip is connected to the same SPI bus as in the original “Arduino Ethernet Shield”. Because the ETH chip uses the same SPI bus as for the RTC, the chip has to be selected over a chip select. If you have installed the CONTROLLINO Library’s into the ARDUINO IDE, this selection will take place automatically and you can use the original Ethernet examples. The 2 LEDs on the Ethernet connector will also indicate the status of Ethernet.

LED green: LAN connection active (POWER)

LED yellow: Data is transmitted and received


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