Improve Your Training with “Factory Simulation 24V”

In the realm of industrial automation and digitalization, hands-on training and simulation are invaluable. Recognizing this need, our partner Fischer Technik has launched an innovative product that’s set to change the game in education and training: the Factory Simulation 24V – Simulation + Controllino.

A Comprehensive Training and Simulation Model

This comprehensive system integrates various models such as a sorting line with color recognition, a multi-machining station with a kiln, an automated high-bay warehouse, and a vacuum suction gripper. What sets it apart is the closed material circuit. Workpieces are retrieved from the high-bay warehouse, processed at the machining station, color-sorted at the sorting station, and then returned to the warehouse. This cycle offers a realistic industrial automation experience.


  • Educational Excellence: Perfect for education and training in industrial automation and Industry 4.0/digitalization.
  • Stability and Convenience: The model is pre-built, stable, and mounted on a wooden plate, ensuring ease of use and durability. It’s also packed in a sturdy cardboard box for secure transportation.
  • 24V Industry Standard: Complies with industry standards, making it ideal for professional training.
  • Inclusive of Controllino: A powerful tool that enhances the learning and simulation experience.

Find out more about the product:

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