The CONTROLLINO Training Kit is perfect for Controllino and PLC education, as well as training for learning, testing, and simulation. Perfectly suitable for IHK exam preparation or just for “learning by doing”.

The included exercises (in learning card format) support you from the creation of a program to the testing and validation of the functions. The available sensors on the Controllino training board can be switched on or off as required. Up to 8 push buttons / latching switches, 4 analogue value transmitters (0-10 Volt) and a pulse generator (2-1000 Hz, linear) are available. 8 LEDs and a buzzer serve as actuators.

The set contains the following components:

  • Controllino Maxi Automation
  • Controllino Training Board
  • Interface Module Traffic Lights (Simulation of a traffic light control)
  • Interface Module 1 (for connecting external sensors, actuators and third-party modules)
  • 24V Power Supply
  • Case (industrial quality plastic case and foam with ESD protection)

Available Lessons:

PLC Training Level 100 (Beginner)
T 100: AND, OR, NOT
T 102: Flip Flop, Impluse Relay
T 103: On-Off-Delay
T 104: Pulse Generator
T 105: Cross Circuit
T 106: Logical Connection

PLC Training Level 200 (Basic)
T 200: Patient Call
T 201: Hall Light
T 202: Ramp
T 203: Direction of rotation control
T 204: Star Delta Circuit
T 205: Fill level monitoring
T 206: Fill level monitoring 2
T 207: Logo Display
T 208: Analog Value Display
T 209: Servo Motor Control
T 210: Pulse Duration Modulation
T 211: Escalator

PLC Training Level 300 (Advanced)
T 300: Parking Lot
T 301: Running Light
T 302: Counter
T 303: Crane
T 304: Conveyor Belt
T 305: Parking House
T 306: Reverse Vending Machine
T 307: Radiator
T 308: Room Radiator
T 309: House Radiator
T 310: Awning Control

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