CONTROLLINO is redirecting our marketing budget to donate €50,000 worth of programmable logic controllers to schools and universities value open technology and open source.

Read further and see how you can apply.

Why we're different this year.

You know us. We are the Automation Rebels and we usually do something fancy with our booth. This year… well, we asked our booth builder to make the booth as cheap as it can get. A bunch of meals at the Messe restaurants are probably more expensive than our booth design.

Why? Others invest millions to present themselves in the front row. We wanted to do the opposite. Let’s put the future into the front row:


How we are helping

We saved €50.000 by not making a fancy booth, so YOU, the young people can get it. 

We are donating €50,000 worth of programmable logic controllers to schools, universities and educational institutes who share the same goal: innovating for a better and more open future.

By donating our PLCs for free, we’re investing in minds eager to explore, innovate, and transform the world. Open source technology is at the heart of this initiative, reflecting our commitment to transparency, collaboration, and community-driven development.
Join us in this journey of change. Investing in education gives immeasurable returns for us all.

The Impact

By integrating CONTROLLINOs into their curricula, schools and universities can offer hands-on learning opportunities in electronics and programming. This initiative not only enhances students’ skills but also prepares them to contribute effectively to their local economies and technological advancement.

How to apply

Are you ready? This is the checklist for the application. Make sure you tick all the boxes before you apply.

If your school or university is committed to driving technological skills forward, we invite you to apply now for a chance to integrate CONTROLLINOs into your educational programs.

We will evaluate all project proposals by End of May 2024 and let you know if you have won your grant over email. Also, we’ll make a public announcement on our blog, annoucing that you are joining the Free CONTROLLINO program.

Application Form

Our other paths to impact...

Bridging the technology divide

By offering budget-friendly, high-quality products, we aim to bridge the technological divide that exists between affluent educational institutions and those in economically challenged regions. Our initiative is a step towards dismantling the barriers that impede the free flow of knowledge and technological accessibility.

Sponsorship Programs

We are wholeheartedly invested in nurturing the next generation of thinkers, creators, and innovators. Our sponsorship programs are tailored to support educational projects, diploma works, and R&D initiatives within schools and educational institutions. These sponsorships are a testament to our support towards igniting the spark of innovation in young minds.

Discounts for Education

Recognizing the financial constraints that many educational institutions face, we offer special education discounts on our products. Our discounted rates are provided to ease the burden on educational budgets, making advanced technology accessible for a wider spectrum of learners. For utilizing devices in a thesis in school or university, we provide you a CONTROLLINO for free.