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CONTROLLINO is bought and trusted by industry leaders all over the world. From Startups to Fortune 500s. Over 2500 companies use CONTROLLINO in both prototyping and production environments. Read further and check out in what use cases they apply CONTROLLINO.

…and a few thousand more.

Elon Musk did it again. It seems that even after launching the most successful electric car company on the planet, and speaking of planets, also a successful spacecraft manaufacturing company, he now seeks for his fair share in the tunneling industry.

We are proud to announce that the Boring Company picked Controllino to command and control the lighting control system within the tunnel.

While we are talking about Elon Musk, let’s not forget that he’s not the only one seeking for the stars. Virgin Galactic, albeit having a little different business model, is one of the grand new companies that kicked off the Space Race 2.0.

In complex environments, flexible solutions are needed. That’s why at Virgin Galactic, Controllinos are used at a rocket test bench for their component testing procedures.

BOSCH is not only known for its amazing electric tools, but for a lot more than that. Acutally, BOSCH is one of the largest players within the sensor technology sector and other automation-related industries.

CONTROLLINO was used by BOSCH in an autonomous self-driving vehicle prototype, as it is the ideal hardware for this stage of development.

Think of this company and your childhood… does it ring a bell? Exactly, Matell is a popular toy manufactoring company, best known for their Barbie toys and Master-of-the-Unsiverse action figures.

Matell uses Controllino in several parts of their business, from production machinery like molding systems, to IoT data collection.

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