The next revolution in industrial automation.

More flexible. More powerful.

After shaking up the industrial automation industry with CONTROLLINO almost a decade ago, it was time to build something new. Something that is ready for the future of Industrial IoT and Automation. That’s why we have put in all our brainwork to build one device that fits it all. We call it CONTROLLINO NEO

2x RP2040 32-Bit Microcontrollers

Our NEO contains not one, but two RP2040 32-bit microcontrollers for maximum flexibility and parallelization. Fully Arduino-compatible and programmable with C, MicroPython and more.

Flexbile to the core and beyond

8 digital outputs, 4 digital inputs, 4 analog outputs and 8 digital outputs on the core. Want to use 0-10V/4-20mA analog I/O? Or digital I/O with your own thresholds? With NEO, nothing holds you back.

Plug & Play Upgrades with Extensions

The NEO is highly adaptable thanks to plug & play add-on modules that simply connect over RS485 & CAN bus. More I/Os, relays, edge computing, sensors... you name it, we have it (or build it).

Uncompromised IoT Security

Every NEO includes a secure element (ECC608) for future-proof and secure Industrial IoT connectivity. Store certificates and keys, or use fast hardware-accelerated encryption and decryption.

Launching in January 2023

We really believe in our product line and what we do, and we believe that we can make the industrial automation space more rebellious and open with our products. What do we mean by that? Read further.
Want to program our PLC in a traditional sense, with platforms like CODESYS* or OpenPLC? Do it. Want to use Arduino IDE or the PlatformIO + VS Code combo? Or even something totally different? Do it!To keep it short: screw vendor lock-ins and the old school way of doing things. The NEO is built for exactly that: it let’s you do stuff freely, without compromises and with maximum flexibility. Join us on our journey and try it out soon. You will not be dissapointed, promise.

* CODESYS support coming Mid 2023

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